New Footsteps

The contrast.

I splurged with some birthday money today and bought a pair of shoes. Not just any duo; sensible footwear that will help me navigate the trails and trials of living sober.

A few points come to mind:

1. Not so long ago, that birthday money would have been squandered on a few boxes of wine.

2. I have always claimed to be clumsy, no doubt when I consider the height of those hootchie heels and my alcohol consumption; the tip over ratio was high.

3. My priorities have taken a serious shift. I bought those old heels to look spicy (Oh my hell...) when I got all gussied up and went out on the town.

The truth is, I was an isolation drinker and any visions of going out did not come to fruition. Fact is, I do get out now. Outside. I still bitch about being less than vertical when walking through a scree field or side-climbing a hill.

I’m pretty sure these new shoes will suit me well as I wander this path toward a happy destiny.

Those heels? I’m saving them for a really epic Halloween costume one day. Though, these days I try my best to no longer hide behind any masks.

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